Saturday , June 23 , 2018

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asd s Hasib Maqbol

AL-HAMEED SECONDARY SCHOOL is an English Medium School. The school is situated on prime location in North Karachi. The school has multi-storey building. which covers an area of nearly 2000 square yards. The school building also has a reasonable amount of open area serving as a children playground. At Al-Hameed Secondary School we strive to promote learning and inculcate among our students and faculty. habit of reading, thinking and inquiring. This has been confirmed to us by parents as they have noticed significant improvement in their children's knowledge, attitudes and social skills. READ MORE


Principal of AL-Hameed Secondary School

The success of this school is the results of good and high thoughts and carefully structured academic, co-curricular and career guidance.
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Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah (Founder of Pakistan)
"I agree with you that education is absolutely essential, and I am glad that you appreciate the value of it. It will certainly be my constant solicitude and indeed that of my Government to try to help you to educate your children and with your co-operation and help we may very soon succeed in making a great progress in this direction. ." Read More
Address to the Tribal Jirga at Government House,
Peshawar on 17th April, 1948.

Message from Director Private Schools, Karachi.
I congratulate Dr. Abdul Hameed and the management of Al-Hameed Secondary School for completion of 33 years of service excellence. No nation can develop or survive without acquiring education and knowledge in this modern era. It is gratifying to know that the institution is playing the remarkable role in rendering the best possible education at affordable cost. My message to all the students is to “Love Pakistan and strive hard for the glory of Pakistan” as that will bring them honor and dignity. May this institution continue to contribute for this noble cause of education. Read More
Mansoob Siddiqui
Director, Private Schools, Karachi.

Message From Founder & Principal of Al-Hameed Secondary School,
The success of this school is the result of good and high thoughts and carefully structured academic, co-curricular and career guidance. In addition, diversified learning opportunities and innovative teaching strategies that a qualified and committed faculty offered to them in an environment conducive to academic and intellectual pursuits have made their success possible. The following pages will provide sufficient information about learning Area Programmes, Elective courses and other facilities that we offer in our school. Nevertheless, I invite you to Al- Hameed Secondary School to meet the faculty and feel the excitement as well as the proudness of being a part of the best secondary institutions in Karachi. Read More
Dr. Abdul Hameed

Message From Vice Principal of Al-Hameed Secondary School,
Process of learning begins from the birth and continues throughout the life. Formal education, however, needs as infrastructure of physical facilities, qualified faculty and very congenial atmosphere. It is indeed a pride and privilege to be a student of such a prestigious school. A very true opinion of the society is that every student of Al-Hameed Secondary School has an obligation to be sincere to his/her studies so that his/her name may be written in golden letters of this esteemed school. Read More
Dr. Nayyar Afshan Hameed
(B.Sc, MBBS)

Message From Vice Principal of Al-Hameed Secondary School,
Learning is a nonstop trail and is an innate quality in human beings, and some travel on this path with outstanding success and discoveries. We must take learning as our responsibility and encourage others as well to get the best out of the possible sources they have. I am very proud to say that I have grown up with a center of learning and education established by my father decades ago known as Al-Hameed Secondary School today. The success of Al-Hameed Secondary School is the constant sincere hard work by every member of the whole staff and incorporation of the latest research, theories and technologies in the field of education. In addition, we take this profession as our responsibility instead of making it only a money stream for us. Read More
Engr. Munawar Hameed